Tuesday, 28 February 2012

fighting February

    It's so grey and dark outside, that I'm expecting northern lights over an opposite roof. Promising tit's songs and sparrow's joyful flights together with a brand new nest of a crow say haze won't last long.
   Passers by slowly glide to work, street cleaners make their scratching sounds, little icicles on a roof drop cristal tears. My heart is full of hope. Spring is near!


  1. Masha, I had no idea you study French too! You shame me with my lack of languages.

    Hang on in there - spring will be there soon :)

  2. Bella, I'm very new to French! I was too scared to begin, it took years to make the first step. French is so charming and elusive. At the same time French people do not like English, so the only way to communicate = to somehow speak their language. At least to read comments under the masterpieces in Musee d'Orsey! Do you like French? Well, of course I remember historical, let us say, complications between your countries :)