Tuesday, 20 March 2012

evening in Belgrade

    This post is going to bring to justice those tourists, who wrote several complaining comments about the smallest room called '207 Skadarlija' in a Belgrade hotel 'Le petit Piaf'! I'm serious :)
    Well, I still don't know why did we ask to show us this room. It was really the tinniest on an attic floor of a renewed hotel building. Its only window is the roof window. Its toilet seems absolutely comfortable for Frodo. Its sole air conditioner is portable. Those facts are the most frequent sources of displeasure.
    The picture above shows the view from a desecrated room '207 Skadarlija'. Look at those golden shadows on a chestnut tree. Note a collared dove warbling. Imagine Belgraders dining downstairs in street restaurants, singing songs all night long. Touch a warm and rough ruff. Feel the breeze scent from Danube. Count the first stars while lying on the bed. Notice a light pigeon's claws cracks over your head. Observe the sky after the rain, when a marvelous sky of Belgrade with grandiose clouds is the most unforgettable.
    Name please the loo problems from unhappy visitors once more. Could you?


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  2. i love this worm work of yours !how long it took for you to finish ?