Friday, 23 March 2012

melting snow, warming grannies

    Russian girls are not afraid to give birth early. They know for sure their moms will do the job! Even high-school pregnant teens do not actually worry. If the time for abortion passed, their parents will take care of their early kids. They will not only give money monthly, but sit with a baby daily. A girl can go to the school, to the University in time, dance at the disco and relax. A flat would be taken from an old great-grandmother for a young couple or a single new mom. If there is no free flat in the family, then a new family live with hers or his parent in a tiny 2-3room flat. Some prefer to rent, but still do it mostly with money from older family members. Less educated a family, less responsibility for a girl. 

    Grandmothers are everywhere in Russia walking, playing with toddlers and meeting little students at school 24/7. Grandma never asked if she doesn't want to take care of daughter's kid. In Russia it's more like a strange law for all - grandpas and grandmas = nannies for free.


  1. I would like to think that if/when Ellen has children, she will live close enough for me to help with childcare (although if she stays with her current boyfriend, he will stay at home while she works). It is a good thing that family ties are close in Russia, but a shame it is not equal for all ages. The UK has many grandparents who fill the childcare gap for free, but I am not sure if it is generally expected. (My mother was still working when I had mine and she would not want to have charge of babies any more).

    If I were Russian, does this mean I would likely be a granny already at 44? I suppose the answer is yes. :O

    1. Dearest friend Bella! It looks like I will come to BlogSpot from Flickr if they won't change the new design. Would you be so kind to (sometimes) anwer on my silly novice questions about the blog system? Please, be my senpai (mentor) in blogs!