Sunday, 26 May 2013

Storm warning

    The first heavy showers and storms smashed blooming lilacs and chestnuts. Pink, white and light green petals dance in puddles, curl near street gutters. Umbrellas became almost useless.
    Two little kids a girl and a boy were playing with pigeons near Alexander Garden, very close to Kremlin. They flapped, birds soared up many-many times. That is the place with hundreds of pigeons, anyone can feed them from hands. Kids made dozens of circles enjoying themselves not leaving birds a chance to rest.

    Metal Dostoevsky, a statue in front of Russian State Library, enjoyed the weekend sun. Tourists make pictures of a gigantic Soviet period building of the Library. Moscow experience the first bicycle improvements – we've got free bike parkings and a city bike rent! Bike communities organize group tours, using light-traffic weekends to show the city in the most friendly way. The capital inhabitants are luxuriating, moving from one park to another, eating package-free old-fashioned ice-cream.