Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Saint-Petersburg, the Hero City

    This tall cactus is not an ordinary plant. It grows in a greenhouse of Saint-Petersburg Botanical Garden and survived the terrible years of the Siege of Leningrad. That time the botanists dying from hunger and cold without any facilities like heating system, water or electricity were able to save 250 sorts of plants. Workers put on a Ribbon of Saint George to celebrate the strength of both people&plants.
    More about what was the Siege of Leningrad here
    We met this beaver near the cemetery where thousands of Lenigrade Siege victims lie in mass graves. It's a peaceful place now, but long ryes of hillocks reminds people how many lives that war took. There are also a professor's grave of the Art Academy (Ivan Bilibin died from hunger too and a kid's grave without names.
    Mothers with kids, older people and workers from neighborhood enjoy themselves on the riverbank between two parts of a cemetery. Kids observe the beaver, peacefully crossing the river, young couples feed ducks. It's a place where terrible past and peaceful present meet.


  1. Very nice Masha!
    Good to see you blogging - love your paintings ...
    miss you on FB but good to see you always creative.
    Love to you xx

    1. Thank you very much Vicki! :) I'm happy to see you and read from you. I miss you a lot, I miss our Botanical Artists group on FB, but won't return, so let's keep in touch here, Ok? I hope my notes about our everyday life would be somehow interesting for you.