Monday, 10 June 2013

Anna, ballerina, part 1

She stand like this for all 15 minutes! No movements! Just imagine hor hard this is... I've seen a little trembling, but kept her gorgeous smile. What a beautiful and cruel profession!

Our administration invited a young and awesome ballerina Anna to pose for us. I've seen ballerina fro the first time (except of stage of course, but it's very different). She was radiant and I've had almost three hours to draw her. There were several 15-minuts, 10-minutes, 5-minutes and one 3-minute poses. 

This is a pose from a real 'Swan Lake'! She was so gorgeous... O_o

I used a charcoal for the very first time in my life. It's such a spectacular medium! The only problem was with an all-black make up after the session :)

Anna is a professional ballerina, who dances in a theater, that travel a lot. Who knows, maybe you'll meet her in London, Paris or even Singapore! :>) 

This was the last pose before our little ballerina left. 
I made 13 sketches of Anna, hope to upload the rest soon! Please, stay tuned!

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