Friday, 21 June 2013

Fairy tale summer

    An enormous tree cut happened under the Kremlin walls in winter. It looks like linden trees are all back, but far younger :) Baby trees are blooming already!

    Those two boys were waiting for parents to go to dacha (summer house). They sat on a bench under our windows, dug up the sand and sipped soda and did nothing. So bored they were.

    It's strange, but people, both tourists and locals, rarely step on the main stairs of Bolshoi Theater. I had never been there myself, it was my first time to see a spectacular panorama from there. What a view it was! A fairy tale churches, trees and ornamental clouds shining in front of me. I sat to sketch it for some time, no one followed my example. This spot in the middle was the best to observe the Theater square with a fountain and the White City wall

I realized the childness of this picture, but had nothing to do – those plain, basic colours were there, in shades of dome gold and fountain splashes! A fairy tale indeed. 

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