Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lucky apricots

This is the luckiest drawing in many days! I drew on a bank entrance steps under the sun, enjoying every bit of it. Probably I was so noticeable, that the a girl from my high school detected me and came to chat! A school, 1200km away from Moscow! A school from our dear home city Izhevsk. I was so happy to see her.

The vegetarian cafe 'Jagannath' is my favourite in Moscow. It has a lovely variety of both vegetarian and vegan dishes, relaxed atmosphere, free Wi-Fi and all sorts of yogis around. I'm an old client (8 years!) and have to say they are the best choice for short of money vegans in Moscow. An interior is mainly India inspired with curved wooden panels and colourful textile. It looks a bit like a student place, but suits well for all ages, including kids. They show a full list of ingredients for each and every dish and drink, that is perfect for allergics as well. there is only one 'but' :) For those who do not like eco-yoga-India related subjects, smells of aroma lamps and bearded men with piercing this place won't be comfortable. I brought a company of girls there, all meat-eaters, normal, stylish and even rich... Well, it was not a good idea.

Three very young first year musical students played joyful music on a square. 'Star Wars', 'The Lion King', 'Ghostbusters' were played, they even danced a bit. So cute! Oh, I'm becoming old and sentimental...

Cheerful tents on one of the roofs in Moscow city center. Roofs are not common place for cafes and terraces here because of weather conditions. But some fashionable spots are opened to enjoy the view and 3 summer months! 

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