Thursday, 13 June 2013

Morozov garden

    A historical garden in the city center, that all our famous people enjoyed - Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and etc. It was a private garden open to public before the Soviet period, city garden during the Soviet era. Unfortunately this historical place was sold and closed for 11 years. An active group of citizens made impossible, they obtained it's public access. We are now allowed to walk only in one part of it now, no benches or dustbins to keep people away... :( I sat on the ground to paint it. 
   The spot was perfect - great composition, colours, depth. My lack of watercolour landscape skills made me darkening it, adding too loud colours and repeating uninteresting strokes. I worked more to understand the landscape better. 

    I was not satisfied with a watercolour from the same spot and decided to make a drawing. My problem with tone and understanding of depth became even worse in charcoal. It made me make a one more study of a place in graphite... And one more in gouaches! :>) 
The final painting of Morozov garden I made at home. 

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  1. The painting you made at home is simply wonderful! Great little artworks on your Flickr page and here. So happy I found your sites.