Thursday, 6 June 2013

Silent fight under the ground

    Pedestrian subways in Moscow, especially in the city center, are fully filled with all sorts of little shops. Late lover could buy a bunch of flowers, tired worker eat a pie and a young girl will find her brand new handbag all in one pedestrian subway. Some people find it ugly, some enjoy a quick&easy way to find a necklace. 

    Moscow government decided to put an end to such a business, they force tradesmen to leave. Rent payments raised up to the sky, but still some shops continue to work. For most of them an underground business is the only way to support families and they won't give up easily. The second move was to switch off the light. Flash-lights and cashier machine free operations with money followed. Citizens do enjoy buying stuff downstairs and move from one counter to another lighting goods with cellphones. No one knows what will be the end.  

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