Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A lil spruce, 'Slava' watches, a 'Kopeika' car and summer book sale

    A historical bookstore in Moscow city center continues a summer book sale. Less than a dollar for one book! They place used items on a marble window sill and 'lie in ambush' inside a store. They got one! At the same time it was a double hunt, I've got a sketch too :>)

    Someone planted a shy spruce tree in the city center backyard, adding an old tyre for protection. Tyres are used as flowerbeds all over the country, coloured with bright red, yellow and white stripes. Tyres are also used as a separators for hand-made football fields, loans and so on. 
    One scientist from our Botanical Garden, a dendrologist with a particular conifer interests, told me once, that spruces are social trees. They prefer to grow together with friends and feel very isolated and unwell in city environment. I wish this little one a long and happy life, to make friends&fellows with acers and rowans.

    The Slava factory, est.1924 was a civilian watches brand. Those watches were very popular among natives due to the price and availability. I was able to draw the surroundings because of factory's complete raze to the ground. Flowers grow on a spot, no watches... It's so sad to see factories closed or eliminated. Being from a family of hereditary manufacturers myself, educated as industrial designer I feel so low seeing this.

    An old yellow car so-called 'Kopeika' (kopeika is a name for the smallest Russian coin, about 0,03 American cent) was parked near kindergarden. It's cheerful colour and cute appearance reminded me our Soviet childhood, streets were full of those cars. It's got it's name because of the first model of Zhiguli car with Italian roots.
    The Ostankino tower at the right, 540m high is the tallest in Europe, in use for TV and radio.  
    This car is parked two wheels on pavement, that's very common here and extremely hard to cross by foot. 

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