Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The White City, walking street and summer renovations

    Moscow's city plan could be best described as a system of circles with the very first ring Kremlin in the middle. The next one also very old is called the White City, some of it's walls still exist (you can see it on a drawing). Very beautiful and authentic streets with narrow paths and little treasures such a monasteries and Orthodox churches are located there. It the middle of a drawing is a Zaikonospassky monastery, founded in 1600. I'm not an Orthodox, but enjoy a little monastery food shop with the best ever fast cranberry patty! :>) 

    I sat at the foot of Anton Chekhov's monument under the lilac bushes. This corner of the most popular walking street is always empty, no tea or coffee served on granite pedestal. Seen by no one I observed a city diversity. 

    A luxurious cafe at the left with it's relaxed middle-aged eaters adjoins old labouring men renewing stones of paving. Men are red, sweating and tired. Hard work at their age is not merciful. Students prepare for an entrance exam to Music and Theater academies, singing and checking instruments before the go at the background. Young people with saxes are not poor nor rich. Who knows what the talent, fate and hard work will bring, which side will they take in a future?

    We live in a modest city district, where most of inhabitants own or rent apartments in low-cost Soviet blocks. Most of them (as well as we are) prefer to make renovations by themselves, saving funds and working at nights. Men send kids and wives to summer houses or granmas, paint frames, put wallpapers after a work day and during the weekend. Neighbours make noises at night and heavily smoke on an open balcony in breaks. 

    Early in the morning I've seen a man with a porcelain lavatory pan heading to the common dustbin. All sorts of furniture – solid wood, 60-s stylish lamps, old doors are there, thrown and broken. Our African neighbour who lives in an opposite building with his Russian wife and cute toddler do the kitchen renovation all by himself too! :) 

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