Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Starlings, 'Grabli' bar and the mysterious dovecot

    'Grabli' is the local net of low-cost cafes with self-service. Grabli means 'Rake', it influenced the place's decor quite a lot. Cleaners wear straw hats, fake plants all over. A bar is also a bit rural with a pale green tiles and a cute red-cheek barman :) 

    I was walking by the new metro station construction site. It was all wrapped in layers of non-transparent film, one corner was forward-bent. I could not stop peeping at our new station... How amazed I was seeing a dovecote with well-bred pigeons in front of me! There were no pigeons before the construction, I have no clue who and why brought them to the site. Sharing a wall with a concrete box of future ventilation mine dovecote has a proper roof and full house of birds! How come? 

    Film was flopping, I jumped to see a bit more. A security guard noticed my strange and improper moves. I smiled and left without any clue about the mysterious dovecot.

    A bored boy sat with his mother near cool fountain in the city center. The heat is back, 32C in Moscow, inhabitants look for a shadow and refreshing waterdrops. His spot was on a burning hot bench, he sat doing nothing. Some starlings came to hunt for leftovers thrown to the loan.

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