Wednesday, 29 February 2012

tour to the drawing attic

    view from our kitchen
    We rent a little Khrushchovka flat near Dinamo metro station (Moscow), in 27 minutes from Kremlin by feet&metro. This city area is known for a great number of artists, who live and paint here. I can see several studios right from our window. 

Most of the time I work from this room, draw passers by and paint an opposite roof. 

Our place is situated in the middle of local bird's 'community center'. 11 types of them sing, talk and fly almost 24/7.

Sometimes I move an easel to the kitchen, from where some backyard corners viewed better. Oils damage curtains, floor and cat's eating mat. Kettle's close vicinity makes it less sad ;)

The best time here is spring, when the huge willow blooms, hiding rooks in love, recently returned from far-away lands.

Summer moves us all to the balcony. Honey bees and butterflies together with some hungry sparrows accompany our Elsie the cat during her windowsill walks. 

This table is for graphical works, Botanicals and sketching. 

Little video - our balcony view, the beginning of autumn.  

High poplar tree is our crow's Speaker's Corner :) 

I'll finish our excursion with the first snow shot taken from a kitchen window. We are expecting those tiny trees to get well from last year replantation and even bloom this spring. Stay tuned! :)

Monday, 27 February 2012

    Hello! :)
    My name is Masha, I'm a beginning artist from Russia. Sometimes I also grow plants, travel, cook, practice yoga and study French.

   This blog is for sharing my everyday life in pictures, showing Russia, it's nature, people and their habits.